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Magic Dove Online Magic Shop

Jacob Led 
5 stars  May 24, 2015 
I was here last year, and wow! I am so impressed with their entertainment and fun. Instead of saying "oh, if you want to see it, you have to pay for it", they say  "Sure, I'll show you the trick. But of course they don't show you how, just they show you so you know what it is. 
There is also if you buy something, you get to pin the "prize wheel". My brothers spun it and lost, but when I spun it, I won t shirt and and a little magic paper(which was pretty cool). Shop here! I loved i

Jaimee Antinore 
5 star  May 17, 2015 
We always have a great time at the shop. We always catch the show. All of the performers are great . The staff is so fun and always willing to help.

Gayna Hansen 

5 star February 1, 2015 

Awesome shop! Had my son's 8th birthday party there & he said that was "the most awesome party ever!" Super nice people!

Joanie Regan 
5 star July 17, 2014 
Great shop & proprietors. Took a lot of time with the grandkid to entertain and amaze!! Can't wait to bring him to a show !!!

Gina Marie 

5 star December 1, 2014 
Fantastic experience and great selection! Dr. Dan the Magic Man was very helpful and entertained us with many tricks.

Ferl Dean Bomia 
5 star November 7, 2013 
Such a great place. Fun, intriguing, warm, friendly. Can't wait to get back!

Robert Cannon  

5 star December 17, 2014 
Best magic shop in Florida! Great people, great place for magic!

Sharon Leigh 
5 star June 25, 2014 
Such a wonderful experience! Awesome with kids and even sells supplies.

Kris Borthwick Catina 
5 star June 18, 2015

Great shop, awesome staff and fair prices!

Marc Pena 
5 star November 23, 2014 
Great experience thanks so much, I didn't wanna leave!!!

Nam Dương Hoài 
5 star July 24, 2013 

Great !! Enjoy now!