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Magic Dove Magic Shop is a real magic shop staffed with real magicians. Opening as a small one-room quaint magic shop in Historic Cocoa Village in the city of Cocoa Florida with only a small collection of classic magic tricks, the magic shop quickly outgrew the space only after the first year. It is now a spacious full-service magic shop with a party room complete with a magic stage. We have thousands of magicians’ supplies, clown supplies, novelties, face painting supplies, juggling equipment and much more. 

Dr. Dan Ezell,
a university professor in special education, started this magic business to provide a clean, safe place for children and adults to purchase magic tricks. He is fondly called “Dr. Dan the Magic Man” by his friends and the magic community. Dr. Dan has been performing magic for over 25 years. He is a member of several magic organizations such as the Internal Brotherhood of Magicians, but he is proudest of his Fellowship of Christian Magicians membership. His Christian affiliations and gospel magic performances helped decide his favorite motto -- “Clean Fun for Everyone.” There are not too many real full-service magic shops left in the United States. Dr. Dan remembers his childhood and the many magic shops he visited on vacation. He understands the important positive role magic shops played in his life and would love to play this same role in the lives of others.

Why support a brick and mortar magic shop that is owned by a real magician? If you have ever walked into a magic shop and enjoyed a real-life magic demonstration from a real-live magician, you know the value of a 
real live magic shop. A magic shop becomes part of the community and provides a place for magicians, both young and old, to hang out and learn from each other. It is a place where the performing magician can stop by at 3:00 o’clock to buy the rope and flash paper needed for the 6:00 o’clock show. It is also the place where the young aspiring magician can learn his/her first magic trick.  If you have a magic shop in your community, we encourage you to visit and see all it has to offer.  We strongly believe that everyone needs to support their own local magic shops. Having said this, there is a clear distinction between a full-service magic shop and a tourist trap magic shop.  If you are an owner of magic shop and are checking out our site, we encourage you to join us in pricing items fairly and only sell magic tricks that are age appropriate (even if you are in a tourist area). Unfortunately, some magic shops are catering only to tourists and have prices that far exceed the actual value of the magical effect. Even more unfortunate, some tourist magic shops care more about the sale of an item than matching the trick to the age and skill level of the consumer. your paragraph here.

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